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The Buzz is a Weddingbee series created by the hive, for the hive! Each week or so, we’ll head to the boards and ask a series of three questions””one geared toward pre-engaged, one toward engaged, and one for newlyweds. We’ll look to you to quickly provide your expert advice, and compile a selection of great answers into blog posts. Learn more here, and contribute your ideas for future “Buzz”? questions you’d like to see answered!


This time we wanted to know all about you & PWD.

Did you have post-wedding depression? How long did it persist? How did you overcome it?

As always, you delivered! Your responses below.

?mchitt329 (wedding date: January 19, 2013)
No, I just had to find a new hobby to occupy my time!

Sunnyday278 (wedding date: September 21, 2013)

I did not have post wedding depression.

But, I think a couple of factors contributed to this:

There is a LOT going on at my job (that I absolutely love, BTW), so that has kept me quite busy! I went to Chicago on business in mid October. My BFF is getting married in May, so I sometimes help her plan and talk weddings with her. My?DH and I had bought a house right before the wedding, so that’s also been keeping me kind of busy! And it’s exciting. My DH and I don’t live together yet (long story, job things), so I think as more time passes and we get closer to the date when we will live together (FINALLY!!!) I get excited and look forward to that. So I am OK with time passing!

Also, wedding money stuff was a tiny bit stressful, and I am very much looking forward to building up our savings again! DH and I are big on saving (not that we don’t also spend, but well within our means), so I guess in that way, although the wedding was SO AWESOME, I am glad to get the money matters back to normal, haha.

futuremrsgo (wedding date: November 9, 2013)

I did not have any post-wedding depression. I was very excited and relieved when it was over because the planning and stress were a lot to undertake, and I was happy to be regaining a sense of normalcy in my life after our 14-month engagement. There are times where I feel bored, but then I remember how much I yearned for boredom during the months leading up to the wedding that I quickly change my tune and relish in the boredom. So no, I did not have post-wedding blues.?

bmo88 (wedding date: August 10, 2013)

No, but my new hobby is house hunting and planning our next big adventure/vacation.

housebee (wedding date: April 26, 2013)
No time to be depressed—two days after my wedding my house flooded. I ended up spending the next two and a half months remodeling the downstairs entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Mrs. Hermit Crab (wedding date: June 2010)

I did not have post-wedding depression. However, I think I had pre-wedding depression. There were many parts of our engagement that I did not enjoy, mainly due to managing all of the personalities in our lives, and I got stressed to the point of getting very very sick less than two weeks before the wedding. I could not wait to be married to Mr. HC and past all the craziness. I was so relieved after the fact and so happy to be married that it alleviated the stress and depression I was feeling beforehand.

Benni (wedding date: September 7, 2013)

Haha nope! I was so glad it was over and so glad I was married to my handsome man! We weren’t intimate until the wedding night and didn’t live together before getting hitched, so there was a lot of really fun stuff (and still is!).

I’m curious now…is post-wedding depression linked to living together/having sex pre-maritally? As in, when people get married but feel like nothing really changed? Hmmm…spin-off poll. ?

BrandNewBride (wedding date: May 11, 2013)

Not really—but we left for our honeymoon the next weekend, and I got my BFP five days after coming home! So I always had something to look forward to!

thejucheidea (wedding date: October 19, 2013)

ABSOLUTELY NOT. I was ecstatic to be post-wedding and not have to deal with that madness anymore. I’m happy to be married now instead of worrying about one terrifying party.

Mrs. Candy Apple (wedding date: August 26, 2011)

I am pretty sure I had the opposite of post-wedding blues—I was completely over weddings and didn’t even want to THINK about them after ours! ? I had such a blast at our own wedding, and I think that I just got a little planned-out in the weeks leading up to the wedding, so I sort of just turned all things wedding off in my mind. It took me a long time to go through our photos and even start recaps because I just didn’t care; I had moved on with my life and didn’t want to dwell on a past event (aside from my own personal lovely memories of the day, of course).

We also moved a month after our wedding, and our honeymoon was scheduled for directly after our move, so we had lots of stuff to look forward to and keep us busy. I know many people want their honeymoon to come right after the wedding, but I do think it is very beneficial to wait a few weeks or months so that you have something else to plan,而一次偶尔我晓得了杭州雍禾植发, prepare for, get excited for, etc., even if you don’t think you’ll have the post-wedding blues. ?

housebee (wedding date: April 26, 2013)

No time to be depressed—two days after my wedding my house flooded. I ended up spending the next two and a half months remodeling the downstairs entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

snowjewelz (wedding date: May 25, 2013)

Not really, because we were so busy post-wedding. We had two trips, DH was super busy at work, we were still working on completing the last phase of our renovation and furnishing our new house…and we knew we wanted to try to have kids soon, so there were a lot of things to look forward to after the wedding!

Mrs. Rucksack (wedding date: August 2013)

I think keeping busy is the key to avoiding the post-wedding blues. I’m throwing all of that wedding-planning energy into home renovation energy. Plus, I am so happy to have money again after saving for the wedding!

GracieGirl11 (wedding date: September 7, 2013)
I wasn’t depressed, exactly, just felt kind of strange! It was weird not to have something to plan and a big event to look forward to and count down to. I got over it when my husband reminded me that most people during most of their lives don’t have a big event in the near future, and that we needed to enjoy the everyday. So now we do, and I feel better. ?

I did have the photography blues though, and I definitely still do! But that’s another story…

littlemisst08 (wedding date: February 9, 2013)

I wasn’t depressed, just a little bored. I had to figure out what to do with myself and my now-free weekends. It was a good problem to have, though!!

MrsNewDay (wedding date: November 8, 2013)

Yup, I definitely had the post-wedding blues. I wouldn’t say that it was severe,惠泽社群高手坛, but it was more like a “That’s it? It’s all over?” kind of blues. It also doesn’t help that it’s my DH’s busy season this month, so I’ve had to pick up on extra housework and other tasks around the house. Our ceiling drywall came down due to a leak in the apartment above us that happened a few months ago, so I’ve been dealing with contractors to get that fixed all by myself. Yeah. :/

Honestly, the only way to overcome it is to have something else to look forward to or set a new goal—whether it be moving, a new job, a new project at your job, working out at the gym, or even a new hobby. I started reading more and will be participating in a monthly book club discussion.

I am also looking forward to getting DH back when his busy season ends…

tksjewelry (wedding date: June 25, 2011)

I missed the planning, a lot. So I jumped into planning other parties we have as a couple—it helped me get out of the post-wedding blues.

I wrote a post a few years ago on helping to overcome post wedding blue; hope it helps someone.

Treejewel19 (wedding date: May 18, 2012)

I had serious post-wedding blues. It was awful and so confusing. Here was supposed to be the time when I was filled with wedded bliss, and I felt down, tired, and sad. I went from having every moment of my life be about the wedding, details surrounding the wedding, meetings with vendors, and of course being surrounded by family…to quiet. It was jolting, to say the least.

I quickly threw myself back into hobbies that I had ignored during the planning process. I started accepting invitations to play in several volleyball leagues, some several hours away. I also agreed to coach several teams at one time with many days during the week devoted to after work practices. In other words, I was SO BUSY! About two months into my overzealous approach to feeling better I was burnt out, exhausted, and regretting my decisions. As the committments began to end I found myself at peace with peace (and quiet).

My blues probably lasted about three months or so through the summer months. Once fall rolled around and my normal committment schedule came into play, I found pleasure in the normalcy and routine of it all. I was busy, of course, but not ridiculously so. I am not one to sit around and do nothing, but I had to realize that a little down time wasn’t the end of the world.

HisMoon (wedding date: July 14, 2013)

I had some slight post-wedding depression, more like blues. Even though the day was a dream and beautiful, I started second-guessing everything after the fact. Talk about an exercise in futility. Also, I wasn’t thrilled with our photographs, but it was because of how I looked, not the quality or anything. That’s more related to my self-esteem than to the wedding being over, though.

Happily, it wasn’t strong nor did it last long. I was so happy to be married to my best friend, and we reveled in our joy. Also, I started my first semester back in school six weeks after, which really focused my energies on something else. As for my disappointment in the photos, I’ve used the feeling to motivate myself to get into better shape. Win-win all around!

sherryberry (wedding date: August 17, 2013)

I had a bit of the blues, so I took on a couple of projects and it got better. ?

YokoOhNo (wedding date: November 9, 2013)

I’m still working through my post-wedding blues. For me, it all comes down to feeling a bit cheated because I couldn’t enjoy the day that I had spent so much time and effort planning. I have an anxiety disorder which often manifests in stomach issues, and evidently the pre-wedding stress really got to me—I became so ill I had to go to the emergency room two days before the wedding. By the grace of God and modern medicine, I was able to make it through my wedding day, but I was still tired and weak and it felt like I was on autopilot the whole time. Needless to say, it was a real let-down.

Although it’s only been about a month, I’ve found that these feelings of disappointment are getting better. One thing that really helped start the ball rolling was to actually admit how I felt. It seemed to me a bit silly to dwell on it, especially since the outcome could have been so much worse (what if we’d had to cancel?), but saying it out loud to a friend made it seem less ridiculous, if that makes any sense. And my friend responded with, “So you feel robbed, right?” I didn’t think anyone would understand because it seemed like everyone else in the world who’d ever gotten married had had the perfect wedding (I know, I know), but she has no idea how much she helped me by putting my feelings into words. I’ve also tried to stay busy with other things—catching up on reading, preparing for the holiday season—and that sort of helps fill the hole that used to be taken up by the monster known as Wedding Planning.

Finally, I’m in the process of arranging to “make up” for the photos that didn’t get taken on our wedding day—I had my heart set on bridal portraits and fun portraits of me and DH as a couple, but our timeline got off for various reasons, and I was so focused on just getting through the day that I didn’t have the presence of mind to stop the photographers and tell them. No full-length shots were taken of just me in my dress and veil I’d searched so hard to find, and because of time constraints there weren’t many photos of DH and me as a couple either. So I’m doing an after-wedding session, which will hopefully round out our wedding album.

I feel for all the ladies out there with post-wedding depression, I really do. I never thought it was a “thing” until, well, I experienced it. It also feels like one of those things that’s taboo to talk about, whether it’s because we don’t think anyone else will understand or we’re afraid people will see us as whiny or because we don’t really have the words to describe it (like in my case)…and it shouldn’t be this way. Kudos to the ‘Bee for opening the floor for everyone to share their experiences—hopefully it will help newlyweds going through this see that they’re not alone!

Gemstone (wedding date: July 2011)

I had the post-wedding blues, but they were compounded by lots of other new things, including a new place (we didn’t live together till we were married) and a new job, which I started right when we got back from our honeymoon. All of the change at once was overwhelming. The blues faded away with time. Gushing over our wedding photos and video helped, too. ?


Are you afraid of the post-wedding blues? What are your plans to combat them?

Stay tuned to the boards to participate in our next round of The Buzz!

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